Commercial Facility Maintenance Services & Retrofit Solutions

No matter if you own, lease, or manage a commercial building or facility, InCheck Technologies is your trusted partner for your facilities maintenance services, in Alberta and across Canada.

Commercial facility maintenance services and retrofit solutions

By leveraging our team’s deep knowledge of the industry and our vast network of skilled trades, we work closely with you to help maximize your building’s performance and reduce the costs of running it.
Along with installing, repairing, and maintaining HVAC/R, plumbing, and electrical systems, energy-efficiency retrofits, and customized preventative maintenance solutions for all types of buildings and facilities.

Facility Maintenance and Repair Services

Plumbing Services

InCheck Technologies commercial plumbing and maintenance services

We can make any changes necessary to your gas systems as we are certified to upsize, move, or replace gas piping and components. Moreover, we can de-rate burners for high altitudes or re-calibrate burners that need to be switched from natural gas to propane or vice versa. Our technicians are certified as both Class A and Class B gasfitters.

We are trained and experienced at installing and troubleshooting boilers and can help calibrate your boilers’ burners to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Boilers are usually used to heat larger buildings, homes or to provide hot water for industrial and commercial processes. Our technicians perform combustion analysis testing which helps ensure your burners and gas valves are functioning properly.

Our technicians have experience troubleshooting and repairing hot water tanks, including instant hot water systems and high efficiency units to draft vent types. We repair and service all brands, including any warranty work required, regardless of installation company.

Cross Connection occurs when non-potable water enters the potable (drinking) water supply. Examples of contamination could be boiler chemicals, irrigation water, sewage and bacteria. Our technicians are trained and certified in Cross Connection Equipment testing, certification, and repair.

Water softeners can increase the life of any appliance that heats up fresh water. Water softening systems installed on dish washers, coffee machines, hot water tanks, and steam humidification systems help prevent calcium build-up in the machines.

Water purification systems can increase the life of any appliance that uses fresh water. These are especially important for commercial ice machines. Reverse osmosis involves the propulsion of water through a series of membranes to clean out any contaminants the water may have. Also, most systems include charcoal filtration to get rid of bad taste and odors. We recommend having your water tested to determine which course of treatment would be most effective.

HVAC/R Services

InCheck Technologies Commercial HVAC/R Mechanical Services

Make-Up Air Units are designed to bring fresh air into a building replacing the stale air that has been vented out through hood or exhaust fans. Make-Up Airs are used in parkades, kitchens, hallways, industrial plants, etc.

Rooftop Units need regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly and to ensure that clean air is delivered to the building below. Most light commercial buildings are heated and cooled by at least one roof top unit.

We work with systems from portable style, split-duct A/C systems, commercial building A/C systems, and have experience with Dairy Tank cooling systems. Server room A/C, office space A/C, and building A/C need to be maintained properly to ensure maximum efficiency and extend the life of the equipment as long as possible.
Many commercial buildings use boiler snow melt systems to keep their parkade ramps free of snow and ice in Canada’s cold winters.

Health Canada requires that coolers are storing food at proper temperatures in commercial walk-in freezers, therefore they need to be monitored and inspected regularly to ensure that they are operating properly. Make sure your freezer is operating 0°C/32°F (ideally – 18°C/0°F) and plan for a preventative maintenance beforehand.

Health Canada requires that coolers are storing food at proper temperatures, hence they should be monitored and inspected regularly to assure they are working at a temperature of 4°C/40°F. Our prompt service ensures that food service businesses, mainly, keep their food supply as safe as possible.

The quality of ice is as important as any of other edible foods for your customers, so an optimal performance of your equipment depends entirely on its care.

Getting your business’ air ducts cleaned is about your health, your employees’ health and your customers’ health. In fact, 1984, a WHO report suggested that up to 30% of new and remodeled buildings worldwide are a cause of poor health to the buildings’ occupants.

Also, experiencing constant sore throats, snoring, early morning fatigue or enhanced allergies can be due to impoverished air quality at your home. We maintain the air quality of your business and home to ensure the purity of the air you breathe.

No restaurant kitchen is complete without a perfectly functioning grease trap and this device must be maintained protect the down line drainage system and help to not cause odors, sewer backup and reduced plumbing flow. The results can cost your business time, money and customers. Negligence in the upkeep of these systems can result in massive fines from the municipal government. To prevent these plumbing problems, we repair and service all brands, including any warranty work required, regardless of installation company.

When you are cooking, are you not getting the smoke out fast enough? If your kitchen’s canopy and exhaust are not cleaned, these collect grease over time and this becomes a fire hazard.

Your kitchen’s exhaust systems should be inspected over intervals which are dependant on usage. The National Fire Protection Association’s standard for fire prevention on this system (NFPA 96) requires regular inspections separate to the cleaning service, to determine specifically which cleaning interval is required per system as well as to protect the infrastructure and the whole building for fire hazards.

Smart Building Technology and Retrofit Solutions

  • Optimize building performance
  • Reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption
  • Meet or exceed sustainability standards
  • Improve environmentally preferable products and materials
  • Enhance indoor environmental quality
  • Reduce costs and save money

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